VMware ThinApp icon VMware ThinApp

Workspace Control can also integrate with other virtualization solutions, but the integration needs to be set up manually outside of it.

VMware ThinApp integration:

VMware ThinApp simplifies application delivery by isolating applications from the underlying operating system and plugging directly into existing virtual and physical desktop management tools and infrastructure. ThinApp encapsulates applications inside a Virtual OS that transparently merges a virtual system environment with the real system environment.

To integrate VMware ThinApp streamed applications in the user workspace, make the following changes to capture the folder of the ThinApp application:

  • Add respf.vbs in the root of the capture (where package.ini is located). The respf.vbs must contain this text:
    Function OnFirstParentStart
    WaitForProcess ExecuteVirtualProcess(GetEnvironmentVariable("pwrgrids")),0
    End Function
  • Add the following folder to the root of the capture (where package.ini is located):
    %Local AppData%\RES\Workspace Manager
  • In the Workspace Control folder, add ##Attributes.ini, containing this text:
  • Rebuild the package by using build.bat.
  • Make the executable files located in the \bin folder available, either by placing them on a network share or by distributing them to all computers that run Workspace Control.
  • Add the ThinApp application to Workspace Control using the Console.
  • In the Edit application window of the ThinApp application select Properties tab > Settings tab > Options section > Use "generic isolation" integration.