Environment Variables

Environment Variables are variables set in the memory of the user's workstation or session.

These variables are often used by applications, for example to determine who a user is and what his default path structures are; or what the system date and time is. The option Environment Variables enables you to set or modify environment variables based on various types of access control.

Windows provides several useful variables, such as user name and computer name. You can use these variables in your values by using the percentage character (for example %username% and %computername%).

You can modify the order of execution by setting an order number in the order column. You can change the order by selecting the option Change order of execution.

Where to find Environment Variables

The Environment Variables feature is found in the Workspace Control Console, under:

  • Composition > Actions By Type > Environment Variables.

  • Composition > Actions By Event > At Sign in. Select New > Environment Variable.

  • Composition > Applications. Open an application and go to Configuration > Actions.