Set up Alerting

When setting up Alerting, the Events tab gives an overview of all Workspace Control events that may trigger an automatic action. These notification types can be set up on the Notification Types tab.

  • When you set up e-mail notifications, you can only send e-mails anonymously if your mail server supports this. If it does not, you need to enter a valid user name and password. The mail relay must be configured to allow access to every Workspace Control Agent and not, for example, block them based on their IP address.

    For e-mail notifications where multiple recipients need to be notified, create a distribution list containing all the e-mail addresses. Add the distribution list e-mail address to the Recipient field. The distribution list needs to be created on the used mail server.

  • SNMP notifications ("traps") can only be received correctly in an SNMP framework (such as HP OpenView or CA Unicenter) when you import or load the "resworkspacemanager.mib" file (in the Workspace Control installation folder) into this application. You also need to configure the correct destination for the SNMP traps: use "" to broadcast the trap on the local network or use one or more specific IP addresses to send the traps to one or more specific computers. Workspace Control uses its own mechanism when sending SNMP traps and therefore does not require the installation of SNMP agent software on Workspace Control Agents.

  • External tasks are useful to execute a specific command when an event occurs (for example, lock a user's ID after three warnings).

  • You can only select Automation Tasks if you have enabled Automation Integration (at Setup > Integration > Ivanti Products > Automation).

    • If the selected Automation Project or Module contains parameters, these will be shown in the Parameters area.

    • The Schedule timeout field specifies how long Workspace Control should wait for the task to be scheduled by Automation before it will proceed with the next task or process.

    • All Automation alerting tasks will be logged in the Automation log. See Automation.

  • You can configure multiple notifications per notification type (for example, a notification that sends an e-mail and executes a command).

Alerts for Workspace Control licenses

  • Use the License threshold reached event in combination with the Licensing option License alerting threshold (at Setup > Licensing, on the Licenses tab). See Licensing for more information.
    • Use License alerting threshold in combination with the Alerting event License threshold reached, to set up an alert before all licenses have been claimed.