Settings tab

  • With Fetch change information, you determine the interval at which Relay Servers check whether they need to download any changes that have been made in the Datastore. A longer interval reduces network traffic.

    • Push change information - Select to push change notifications to the Relay Servers that are connected to another Relay Server. These Relay Servers then check for change notifications every 5 seconds.

  • The time span set at Update relay server cache on change determines the timing for Relay Servers to download data and update their cache. A short interval increases the speed at which changes are reflected, but also increases network traffic. A longer interval decreases network traffic, but there is a delay before Relay Servers reflect any configuration changes.
  • By default, synchronization of a Relay Server's cache with the central Datastore is aborted if an error occurs. If this happens, the cause of the failure must be solved before Relay Servers can be synchronized successfully. If this is undesirable, change the Synchronization policy to Continue on error.
  • The Environment name is a name by which this Workspace Control environment is identified in the Relay Server Configuration tool, making it easier to select the correct environments to host on a Relay Server.
  • All Relay Servers will require this password before accepting a connection from an Agent or child Relay Server. To set or change the password, choose Manage environment password. This ensures that your servers are secured from unauthorized access.
    • When changing an existing password, Agents will by default automatically be updated with a new password; and the old password will be honored during a grace period of 30 days. This grace period ensures that Agents using the old password can connect and receive the updated password. To change the password immediately, without any grace period, clear the option Update Agents and Relay Servers with the new password and keep old password valid for 30 days. You will need to manually change the password on all Agents by running "%respfdir%\svc\res.exe /config"; and on all Relay Servers by using the Relay Server Configuration tool.
  • You can export Relay Server connection information from the Console by clicking Export Connection string to file. The Workspace Control Relay Server window opens and allows you to select one or more Relay Servers to pre-populate the connection string. The connection string will be exported to a text file.

Some of these global settings can be overruled for individual Relay Servers.

  • If your Workspace Control environment contains a Relay Server, Event Logs are updated asynchronously. This can cause 'missing file' errors in Event Logs. These errors will disappear automatically when the Relay Server has processed all data and the Event Log has been fully updated.
  • Event Logs are available when viewing the detailed Workspace Analysis of a user at Diagnostics > Workspace Analysis.
  • The traffic between two Relay Servers is compressed by default. The traffic between Relay Servers and Agents is compressed as well.
  • Upgrading Relay Servers can be done when necessary and one by one in no particular order.