Network Connections

With the security restrictions on Network Connections, you can restrict access to resources on the network per user workspace.

If Network Connections is enabled and the NetGuard driver is not running on the administrator's system, a message is displayed on that system to inform you that the NetGuard driver is not found or is not running.

Network Connections security can be configured for the entire user session, or for specific applications assigned to the user. If Network Connections is enabled, users will not be able to start sessions if the NetGuard driver is not running. To allow users to start sessions on such Agents anyway, select Allow session on computers not running NetGuard.

You can configure Network Connections on a global level at Security > Network Connections, and on application level at Composition > Applications, on the application's Security > Authorized Connections tab.

Export log to CSV file

To export the information found under the Log tab as a CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Workspace Control Console and navigate to Security > Network Connections > Log tab.

  2. Right-click on any entry and then select Export to file from the context-menu.

  3. Select a location where to save the CSV file, enter an appropriate name for the file and then select Save.

Export log using the command line

Ivanti recommends to test first by exporting just one or two days of data.

Security logs can also be exported using the pwrtech command line:

pwrtech.exe /exportlog /type=network /output=<output filepath> [/outputtype=csv] [/start=<start date>] [/end=<end date>]

/outputtype, /start and /end are optional parameters. If /outputtype is not specified, then the security logs are exported as XML files instead of CSV files.

Replace the following with the appropriate values:

  • <output filepath> — Enter the full filepath where to save the CSV or XML file.
    For example: C:\export\network_connections.csv.

  • <start date> — Enter the start date to export log entries starting with the specified date.
    The format for date is YYYYMMDD. For example: 20161130.

  • <end date> — Enter the end date to export log entries up to the specified date.
    The format for date is YYYYMMDD. For example: 20180523.

For example:
pwrtech.exe /exportlog /type=network /output=C:\export\network_connections.csv /outputtype=csv /start=20161130 /end=20180523