Instant LogOff

At Administration > Performance you find Instant LogOff. With Instant LogOff, you can manage user profiles that fail to unload during sign out. This behavior can occur if applications do not close their registry handles when they are terminated. This behavior is usually caused by improper coding in either Microsoft software or third-party software.

Instant Sing Out performs two separate actions:

  • It enumerates all handles to the user registry when a user logs off, and forces them to close if they are not closed automatically. This ensures that user profiles are always unloaded. This prevents problems with the reconciliation of roaming profiles; with the registry size limit; and with the sign out process to become slow (with the process remaining at Saving Settings for a long time).
  • It disconnects users when they sign out. The sign out process continues as normal after the disconnect, but users experience a faster sign out.

Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 or higher automatically take care of user profiles that fail to unload. This part of Instant Sing Out is not necessary anymore when using these versions of Microsoft Windows.

For Workspace Control sessions running on Citrix XenDesktop 7.x using the ICA protocol, the setting Disconnect user session when sign out is initiated is ignored, except when using the Workspace Control Shell.