This section describes the settings available from the Edit Application window > Properties > Shortcuts.

Automatic shortcuts

Workspace Control can manage application shortcuts in user sessions running on Microsoft Windows.

Consider the following Microsoft Windows limitations when configuring Automatic shortcuts:

  • To create the name of an application shortcut, the application title and its Start Menu path are used. This name may not exceed 255 characters. Windows cannot handle application shortcut names that are longer than 255 characters, which result in an application shortcut that does not work properly.

  • Due to Windows limitations, multiple explorer.exe shortcuts with different parameters that are pinned to the taskbar do not stack on the proper taskbar icon.


Workspace Control can manage application tiles in user sessions running on Microsoft Windows.

The tile properties are part of the Managed Applications Properties that are set when a session starts.

Group Name

Configure this setting to specify the tile group where to add the application tile on the Start Screen. If the tile group does not exist, it is created.

The tiles are displayed at the end of the Start Screen unless the Group name option is configured.