Citrix Cloud Integration

With the Citrix Cloud Integration, Workspace Control can configure Citrix applications to be published, unpublished and used in a Citrix Cloud environment.

  • Workspace Control can configure only a single Citrix Cloud environment, and therefore only a single site name. Workspace Control does not support multiple site names for Citrix Cloud solutions.

  • Citrix Cloud and on-premise versions of Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop cannot be present on the same Workspace Control Datastore.


Before configuring the Citrix Cloud Integration in Workspace Control, the following prerequisites must be met:

Citrix Cloud Configuration

The Citrix Cloud Integration can be enabled and disabled from the Workspace Control Console.

Web Addresses used for Citrix Remote Publishing

When interacting with the Citrix Cloud environment, Workspace Control interacts only with the Citrix Remote PowerShell SDK, which handles application publishing.

The connectivity requirements between Workspace Control and the Citrix Cloud can be found in the Citrix Cloud System and Connectivity Requirements article on the Citrix website.

For remote application publishing, Citrix recommends to allow access to the web addresses in the following categories:

Depending on the used Citrix features, not all web addresses may be applicable. Contact Citrix for advice on what addresses best apply to your scenario.