Workspace Control Modules

The Workspace Control product family consists of different modules in which different sets of Workspace Control features are available:

License Modules

Workspace Control Core

Workspace Control Core is the free starter package offering basic Workspace Control functionality. It supports 25 named users when unregistered and supports unlimited named users when registered.
Workspace Control Core contains:

  • Basic Workspace Composition:

    • Workspace Designer

    • Managed applications

      • Workspace Extensions

    • Data Sources

    • Session-level User Settings

    • Session-level Folder Synchronization

    • Locations and Devices (Zones)

  • Integrations:

    • Citrix XenApp, RemoteApp, and Application Virtualization

    • Ivanti products: Identity Director, Automation, and Ivanti VDX

    • Microsoft System Center Integration and LANDesk Integration.

  • Management:

    • Building Blocks and Instant Reports

    • Workspace Control

    • Workspace Analysis

Base Features

The three paid modules – Composition, Governance, and Security - all contain the following:

  • Relay Servers

  • Advanced Workspace Control

  • Delegation of Control

  • Auditing

  • WiFi Zones

  • Workspace Branding

  • Connection State

  • Time Restrictions

  • Workspace and Printing Preferences for end user


The Composition module contains features for creating a personalized (dynamic) desktop.
Provide users with a context–aware and centrally managed workspace that contains all the right applications, data, printing and personal settings essential for their productive working.
It contains the following:

  • Advanced Workspace Composition:

    • Application level:

      • User Settings

      • Actions, such as Folder Synchronization

      • Data Sources

    • Zero Profile Technology

    • E-mail Settings

    • Desktop background

    • Screensaver

    • Lockdown and Behavior


The features in the Governance module provide insight into what is configured, changed, and used, and increase your ability to manage your infrastructure with change logs, current status reporting, and license usage data from all users.
It contains the following:

  • Alerting

  • Usage Tracking

  • License Management

  • Workspace Performance

  • Workspace Simulation

  • Filtering and Scope Control

  • Advanced Access Control


This module delivers a context-aware security layer that is created around the workspace, to effectively protect against internal and external threats. You will be able to deliver a personalized desktop according to company business rules and compliance. Unauthorized actions such as executing certain applications and the use of removable disks are prevented based on the user’s context.
It contains the following:

  • Application Security (i.e. allow and deny rules)

  • Authorized Certificates

  • Authorized Files

  • Authorized Owners

  • Network Connections Security

  • Dynamic Privileges

  • Data Security

  • Website Security

  • Access tokens (USB Zones)

  • User Session Security

  • User Installed Applications

For more details, please check Workspace Control Module Comparison.

  • Additional functionality is unlocked by adding additional Module licenses. No downtime or additional software deployment is needed.

  • During the evaluation period, you can simply switch between modules (at Licensing in the Setup menu). You can also switch if you have extended your evaluation period by importing evaluation licenses, or if you have NFR licenses (Ivanti partners only).