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The Microsoft Profile Containers Integration makes it possible to redirect Microsoft Profile Containers (formerly known as FSLogix) to a shared network location. Profiles are placed in VHDX (Virtual Hard Disk version 2) files and mounted at run time. This integration enable the management of the VHDX Cache roaming in non-persistent VDI environments from the Workspace Control Console.

The Ivanti Workspace Control integration for Microsoft Profile Containers supports only VHDX files, and not VHD files.

More information on Microsoft Profile Containers can be obtained from the Microsoft website.


To configure Microsoft Profile Containers Integration, open the Workspace Control Console and navigate to Setup > Integration > Microsoft Profile Containers.

Select Enable Microsoft Profile Containers Integration to enable the feature and its configuration. Selecting this option overwrites any configuration already present on the Microsoft Profile Container agent.

The Microsoft Profile Container agent must be installed and running on the desired endpoints.

Workspace Containers

Please note that when configuring Workspace Containers, use only machine-based Containers.


  • Workspace Containers that only apply to specific Agents.

  • Workspace Containers that use Zones based on machine properties.