Ivanti Training

Ivanti has developed a mix of learning materials to help our customers and channel partners get the most out of our products. Our goal is to give you a choice in how you learn; whether that is in the classroom, online tutorials and virtual workshops, or downloading our self-study kits. Please visit Ivanti Advantage Learning for more information on Training.

Video Tutorials

To help you on your way in our products, we publish easy-to-use video tutorials online. The following video tutorials are available for Workspace Control:

Video tutorial Introduction


Video tutorialCommunication Model

Installation and setup

Video tutorialInstalling Workspace Control

Video tutorialSetting up the Datastore

Video tutorialSplitting the Datastore

Video tutorialLicensing

Video tutorialConfiguring the Agents and Setting the Shell (Centralized)

Video tutorialConfiguring the Agents and Setting the Shell (Workstation)

Video tutorialSetting up Directory Services

Video tutorialLocations and devices

Video tutorialRelay Servers

Desktop Transformation

Video tutorialInstalling the Desktop Sampler and using the Workspace Designer

Video tutorialUsing the Workspace Model and Managed Applications


Video tutorialThe end user environment and utilities

Video tutorialCreating Managed Applications

Video tutorialProcess Interception

Video tutorialManaged Applications: File Types

Video tutorialManaged Applications: E-mail settings

Video tutorialManaged applications: Data Sources

Video tutorialApplication License Metering

Video tutorialUser Settings: Capture targeted items on session end using a template (global)

Video tutorialUser Settings: Capture targeted items, then track further changes

Video tutorialUser Settings: Track Any Setting Changed by Application Immediately

Video tutorialUser Settings: User Settings caching

Video tutorialPrinters

Video tutorialFolder Redirection

Video tutorialDrive Substitutes

Video tutorialFolder Synchronization

Video tutorialDirectory Maintenance

Video tutorialBackground & Screensaver

Video tutorialLockdown and Behavior

Video tutorialUser Registry

Video tutorialExecute Command

Video tutorialEnvironment Variables & Drive and Port Mappings


Video tutorialAlerting

Video tutorialAutomation Integration / Automation Tasks

Video tutorialMS App-V 4.x Integration

Video tutorialConfiguring a Microsoft RemoteApp application and Instant Passthrough

Video tutorialWorkspace Containers - RES VDX integration

Video tutorialGeneric Isolation Integration

Video tutorialWeb Portal

Video tutorialCitrix XenApp 6 publishing

Video tutorialMicrosoft Remote Assistance

Video tutorialMicrosoft System Center Integration and Tasks


Video tutorialBuilding Blocks

Video tutorialInstant Reports

Video tutorialWorkspace Containers


Video tutorialAdministrative Roles


Video tutorialAccess Balancing


Video tutorialUsage Tracking

Video tutorialUsage Tracking Overview

Video tutorialWorkspace Analysis

Video tutorialWorkspace Simulation Wizard

Video tutorialAudit Trail


Video tutorialManaged Application Security

Video tutorialUser Installed Applications

Video tutorialWebsite Security

Video tutorialRemovable Disks Security

Video tutorialFiles and Folders Security

Video tutorialRead-Only Blanketing

Video tutorialNetwork Connections Security

Video tutorialUser Sessions Security

Video tutorialAuthorized Files