This section covers new features, enhancements, improvements or compatibility updates included in this version of VDX.

Ivanti Ideas Feature Requests

The following user requests have been addressed in this version of VDX:

VDX Show balloon for VDX Integration

Using the VDX integration for Ivanti Workspace Control, the VDX information message can now be enabled or disabled. This message is displayed during session startup of managed sessions on Workspace Control Agents.

In the Workspace Control Console, under Setup > Integration > Ivanti Products > VDX > Settings tab, a new option Show balloon was added. By default, when the VDX integration is enabled, this option is selected and enables VDX to display an information balloon with the details provided in the Title and Message options. The information balloon is displayed in the notification area of managed sessions on Workspace Control Agents during startup. Deselecting the Show balloon option disables the information balloon from appearing.

For the Show balloon option to function, the Workspace Control Agents and the Workspace Control Console need to be upgraded to Ivanti Workspace Control 2021.2 (version or later.

Compatibility Updates

The following compatibility updates are part of VDX version

Windows Server 2022

Ivanti VDX now supports Windows Server 2022 operating systems.