Licensing Model

In Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender, licensing is based on VDX Clients. Every RDP 1, ICA 2, PCoIP 3 or Blast Extreme session started with a VDX Client requires one license per seat.

VDX has three components responsible for licensing:

  • The VDX Licensing Service — distributes VDX licenses in your network.
  • The VDX Licensing Console — a desktop application that manages VDX licensing, including importing, registering and activating VDX licenses.
  • The VDX Engine — it communicates with the VDX Licensing Service at the start of RDP, ICA, PCoIP or Blast Extreme sessions and it licenses the VDX Clients.

When a session connects to the VDX Engine, the VDX Engine automatically starts searching for a VDX Licensing Service. When it finds one, the VDX Engine claims a license and passes it over to the VDX Client that started the session, thus licensing the client.

VDX License information

A VDX Client can claim a license for a maximum of 45 days or until the license expires. The 45 days count is reset every time the VDX Client starts a new remote session.
For example, a VDX Client claimed a license for 45 days. If the client starts a new remote session after 10 days, the license claim period resets back to the maximum of 45 days.

Consider the following in regards to VDX licenses:

  • Claimed licenses are automatically released after 45 days of inactivity (i.e. if no remote session has been started within 45 days).
  • If a license service host is unavailable, claimed licenses are still usable until the lease period expires.
  • If no licenses are available, or if all licenses have expired, Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender is still usable for a grace period of five minutes after which VDX terminates.

VDX Licensing and Ivanti Workspace Control

If using Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender in combination with Ivanti Workspace Control, VDX licensing can be managed through Workspace Control. In this case, VDX licenses are stored in the Workspace Control Datastore.

When a Workspace Control user session starts, the VDX Engine retrieves its license through Workspace Control. If no licenses are found, or if there are insufficient licenses available, the VDX Engine looks for a VDX Licensing Service outside the Workspace Control Datastore.

It is possible to import, register, and activate VDX licenses using the License Wizard found in the Workspace Control Console, under Setup > Licensing.

For more details about managing VDX licensing using Ivanti Workspace Control, see the Workspace Control Administration Guide on Ivanti Product Documentation.

The legacy Standard and Enterprise editions of Ivanti Workspace Control contain a licensing model in which Workspace Control licenses also include VDX licenses. When importing Workspace Control licenses, an equal number of VDX licenses becomes available.