Ivanti VDX and Citrix Merchandising Server

If using Citrix Merchandising Server, it is possible to upload the VDX Plugin and deploy it to the Citrix Receiver clients. Users can then use the VDX Plugin to start a remote session.

When uploading the VDX Plugin:

  • To specify the meta data file:

    • For 32-bit machines, use: Citrix_MerchandisingServer_x86.xml
    • For 64-bit machines, use: Citrix_MerchandisingServer_x64.xml

    These XML files are found in %programfiles%\Ivanti\VDX Admin Pack\SupportFiles.

  • To specify the VDX Plugin file:
    • For 32-bit machines, use: Ivanti-VDX-Plugin(x86).msi
    • For 64-bit machines, use: Ivanti-VDX-Plugin(x64).msi