License Wizard

The License Wizard can perform the following tasks:

Add VDX license

When adding a VDX license, the wizard prompts you to specify the file name and review the license. After this, you can register and activate the VDX license.

Register VDX license(s) and request activation

License activation is requested either for your company or for your customer, if you are a reseller or a system integrator.

The wizard prompts you to fill out the mandatory contact and address details, and then identify the unique VDX Site name. Submit the license registration on the Internet or save it to a local file and send it manually at a later time.

The VAT field is required only for EU member countries, except the Netherlands.

Activate VDX license(s)

Use this option to activate VDX licenses after receiving the activation file for them.

When canceling the License Wizard and no licenses are available, VDX can be used for a grace period of five minutes after which VDX terminates.