Architecture RES ONE Identity Director



Management Portal

The Management Portal is the central point of administration of your environment.

Setup and Sync Tool

The Setup and Sync Tool can synchronize external data.


The Datastore stores all information in your environment. This includes licenses and data that you synchronized from external sources.

Upgraded customers may use an Ivanti Automation Datastore.

Transaction Engine

The Transaction Engine:

  • Determines if a user qualifies for a specific service.
  • Triggers the delivery or return of that service based on these qualifications.
  • Takes care of workflow actions.
  • Takes care of integration with Ivanti Automation.
  • Maintains licensing.

Catalog Services

The Catalog Services:

  • Sends notifications to the Windows Client.
  • Provides an overview of services and templates and creates new services when you integrate with Ivanti Automation and Ivanti Workspace Control.

Web Portal

The Web Portal is a self-service portal for users to request and cancel services, check order status and respond to messages.

Mobile Gateway

The Mobile Gateway is used by the Mobile Clients to access the data that is needed for the mobile representation of the Web Portal.

Windows Client

The Windows Client is a desktop application that notifies users about their messages in the Web Portal. It also delivers password reset functionality for the Windows logon screen.

Mobile Client

The Mobile Client is an app for users to interact with the Web Portal from their Apple iOS or Google Android mobile device.


The Ivanti Identity Director components use the following default ports to communicate:

TCP Port



Used by the web browser of the administrator or user to connect to the web server that hosts the Management Portal, the Web Portal and/or the Mobile Gateway if SSL is used.


  • Used by the web browser of the user to connect to the web server that hosts the Web Portal (non-SSL). The port number may depend on web server configuration.
  • Used by the Ivanti Workspace Control-component Workspace Composer to connect to the Catalog Services.


Used by the following components to connect to the Datastore (Microsoft SQL Server only):

  • Catalog Services
  • Transaction Engine
  • Management Portal via IIS
  • Setup and Sync Tool
  • Web Portal
  • Mobile Clients through the Mobile Gateway

Oracle, MySQL and IBM DB2 use different ports: Oracle uses port 1521, the other platforms have dynamic ports. See the vendor documentation for the correct port numbers.


Used by the Transaction Engine to connect to an Ivanti Automation Dispatcher:

  • To provide an overview of available Run Books in the Management Portal when you configure an Invoke Run Book workflow action.
  • To invoke Run Books as part of service transactions.


Used by the Windows Client, Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Automation to connect to the Catalog Services.


Used by the Catalog Services to allow the Ivanti Identity Director Wizards in Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Automation to create services. You may need to create an exception in your firewall settings for this port. You can use different ports.

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