Configure Ivanti Automation integration

In the Management Portal at Setup > Ivanti Automation, configure Ivanti Automation integration. Ivanti Automation Integration allows you to configure services that can invoke Run Books in an Ivanti Automation environment, for example to create user accounts, e-mail accounts, or to install software. The settings that you specify are used by the Transaction Engine to connect to Ivanti Automation Dispatchers and invoke Run Books when necessary.

In addition, you can specify the URL of the Ivanti Automation Management Portal. This allows you to redirect administrators to specific areas of the Ivanti Automation Management Portal when they work in Ivanti Identity Director.

Ivanti Automation Integration also allows service templates to be referenced from Ivanti Automation. You can use these templates in Ivanti Automation to create new services, based on Run Books.



Explanation and Tips

Automation redirect URL

Specify the URL of the Ivanti Automation Management Portal.


Specify the Ivanti Automation environment that contains the Run Books for your services. You can specify only one environment.

Dispatcher detection

Specify the detection method of Ivanti Automation Dispatchers. Run Books are invoked through Dispatchers.

  • Select Autodetect to search for Dispatchers in the same LAN as the Transaction Engine.
  • Select Use Dispatcher address list to search for specific Dispatchers only.

Login and Password

Specify a login account and its password to connect to the Ivanti Automation environment.

  • You can only connect with a login account that uses Ivanti Automation Authentication. It is not possible to connect with a login account that uses Microsoft Windows authentication (typically used for Microsoft Windows user accounts).
  • The login account may be subject to administrative roles of the Ivanti Automation environment: not all Run Books may be available, depending on permissions.
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