Customize the branding of the Web Portal

In the Management Portal at Setup > Branding, customize the look and feel of the Web Portal to the branding of your company by configuring store themes.



Explanation and Tips

Name and Store name

These fields show the available store themes and their name in the Web Portal.

  • You can't edit or delete the default theme.
  • The active theme that currently applies to the Web Portal is shown in green. You can activate only one theme at a time.
  • If you activate a different theme, users first experience this after their next sign-in.
  • You can't delete active themes.

Configuration of store theme


Explanation and Tips

Store name

Specify the name of the store as used in the sign-in page and menus of the Web Portal. You can specify a maximum of 22 characters.

Store page

Specify the URL to the Web Portal.


Specify the logo that is shown on the sign-in page and the navigation pane of the Web Portal. You cannot change the logo in the lower left corner of the Web Portal.

Body background

Specify the background color of the sign-in page, certain menus and tile titles.

Body text

Specify the font color of the store name and of notifications.

Buttons, ratings & accents

Specify the font color of certain buttons, panels and areas.

Panel background

Specify the background color of panels.

Panel text

Specify the font color of text used in panels.


Preview the theme you configured.

  • Ivanti Identity Director can only show a preview if you have specified the Web Portal URL at Setup > General.
  • The preview does not work if your installation of the Web Portal does not meet all prerequisites.
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