Specify alternative Catalog Services ports

The Catalog Services uses the following default ports for integration with Ivanti Workspace Control and Ivanti Automation:

If necessary, you can specify alternative ports, for example if other applications already use these ports. You can specify these ports in the resocs.exe.config file, which is located by default at %ProgramFiles%\RES Software\IT Store\Catalog Services\.

  1. Open the file and add the following as the first element of <configuration>:
    <add key="catalogServicesPort" value="<port other than 8080>"/>
    <add key="catalogManagementServicesPort" value="<port other than 8081>"/>
  2. After editing the resocs.exe.config file, restart the Catalog Services service for the changes to take effect.
  3. Specify the alternative ports in Ivanti Automation and Ivanti Workspace Control.

To revert to the default ports, remove the appSettings element again from the resocs.exe.config file.

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