Compare Attributes

Add the Compare Attributes action to direct the workflow by comparing two values. This decides what the next workflow action is. For example, this may result in an alternative workflow that uses different actors or different Ivanti Automation Run Books.



Explanation and Tips

Action Name

Optionally specify a friendly name for the action. This name must be unique in the workflow.

Compare Type

Specify how values should be compared.

  • Select Integer to compare values numerical. Only integer values can be compared.
    • Non-integer values (e.g. "2.5", "123,25", "123abc") and fractions resolve as "0".
    • Irrespective of the Windows regional settings of your device, if you use commas or periods in a value, it resolves as "0". For example, if you compare 100 to 102.5, 100 is the largest value because 102.5 resolves as 0.
  • Select String to compare values. This is a binary comparison of characters (case-sensitive). For example, a value "Johnson" is not equal to "johnson".

Compare if

Specify which values should be compared.

  • You can specify manual values, service attributes and/or functions.
    • If you use the placeholder #Service[{attributename}.{labelname}.state] for a checklist service attribute, its value always resolves to lower-case letters (true/false).
  • You can specify wildcard characters in the second comparison field to configure a conditional expression.
  • The comparison is a binary comparison of characters, which is case-sensitive. For example, a value "Johnson" is not equal to "johnson".
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