Configure delegation

In the Management Portal at Setup > General, configure the general behavior of the Web Portal. With the delegation functionality, you can configure services that allow users to delegate tasks that require user input to someone else. This is useful if users are unable to take action, for example because they are absent from work or otherwise unavailable. If they delegate tasks to another user, service transactions can still be completed.

If you enable the delegation functionality, the profile page of each user in the Web Portal contains delegation settings. This allows each individual user to decide whether to actually use delegation. And if so, whom to delegate tasks to and during which time-frame (if any).

Delegation applies to the following actions:


  1. At Setup > General, specify a default value in the Delegation field. Delegation is disabled by default.
  2. At Service Catalog, open the service page of a service on the Properties tab and specify a value in the Delegation field. For example, if you have enabled delegation by default for all services, you may disable delegation for a service that requires input from a specific person only. This ensures that the user can't delegate this to someone else.
  3. To delegate their tasks to someone else, users need to click the Profile section in the Web Portal. This opens the My profile page. On this page, users can configure:


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