Configure Identity Broker authentication for the Web Portal

By default, the server that hosts the Web Portal uses Windows authentication to authenticate Web Portal instances. Alternatively, you can configure the Web Portal to use Identity Broker authentication. You can configure this during installation of the Web Portal, or at a later stage. The Identity Broker is a web application that acts as a "broker" for authentication, between Ivanti portals and their configured Identity Provider: it can process authentication requests by means of external authentication endpoints.

When you access the Web Portal for the first time from the machine on which you installed it, you are automatically redirected to the Setup page. When you have already installed and configured the Web Portal (for example, in upgrade scenarios), these settings are available from the URL of the Web Portal, at [Web Portal url]/Setup (for example, For security reasons, these settings are only available from the machine on which you installed the Web Portal; an error is shown if you try to access them from a different machine.


You can only configure single-sign for the Web Portal if you use the Identity Broker.

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