Example date and datetime service attributes "Pages" tab of "Provide Information" action

When you configure a service workflow and add a date or datetime service attribute to a page of a Provide Information action, you can pre-populate the end user's current date and time in the input fields in the Web Portal. This makes it easier for the end user to provide information.

For this purpose, two options are now available:


Consider the following scenario:

  1. You have configured a service that registers a laptop.
  2. You added a date service attributes that stores the date of registration.
  3. You added a Provide Information workflow action, and added the date service attribute to a page.
  4. You selected the option Pre-populate the input field with the current date of the end-user.
  5. You also added other actions to the workflow that register the laptop.

In this scenario, if the end user opens the Provide Information message in the Web Portal at 2017/09/20, the date service attribute is pre-populated in the Web Portal with this date, irrespective of when the service was requested.

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