Integrate with Ivanti Automation

In Ivanti Automation, you can publish Run Books as a service from the Console. You can then make these services available in the Web Portal.

Ivanti Automation Integration

Before you can use service templates in Ivanti Automation, you need to configure Ivanti Automation Integration in the Management Portal. This allows the Transaction Engine to connect to Ivanti Automation Dispatchers and invoke Run Books when necessary. You can configure Ivanti Automation Integration at Setup > Ivanti Automation.

Ivanti Identity Director Integration

Before you can create new services in Ivanti Automation, you need to configure Ivanti Identity Director Integration in the Ivanti Automation Console. You can find this functionality in the Ivanti Automation Console at Setup > Ivanti Identity Director.

As soon as you have enabled and validated the Ivanti Identity Director integration, you will receive 12 complimentary license points for Ivanti Identity Director in Ivanti Automation. The Ivanti Identity Director licenses are made available in the Ivanti Automation Console under the section Connectors in the Licensing overview, regardless of any other licenses that you may already have.


Explanation and Tips

Catalog host name / port

Specify the device on which the Catalog Services run and the port it uses.

  • The Catalog Services are used by Ivanti Automation to query the available service templates in the service publication.
  • All communication of the Ivanti Identity Director Wizard to the Catalog Services is SSL-encrypted, using port 8081.

Publication name

Specify the service publication that you want to use in Ivanti Automation, for example the default service publication Ivanti Automation.

Test now

Test the connection to the Catalog Services.

Run Books

In the Ivanti Automation Console at Library > Run Books, you can create new Ivanti Identity Director services based on Run Books and Ivanti Identity Director service templates using the Ivanti Identity Director Wizard. This wizard is available if you have configured and enabled Ivanti Identity Director Integration (in the Ivanti Automation Console at Setup > Ivanti Identity Director) AND your administrative role in Ivanti Automation has Modify access to the Run Books node.

  1. To create a new Ivanti Identity Director service, right-click the Run Book and click Publish in Ivanti Identity Director. This opens the Ivanti Identity Director Service Wizard.
  2. Follow the steps of the wizard.

Upon completion of the Ivanti Identity Director Wizard, you can choose to launch the Ivanti Identity Director Management Portal. This option is only available if you installed it on the same device as the Ivanti Automation Console.

When the new service is created in Ivanti Identity Director:

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