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Setup and Sync Tool and Management Portal


You can't create a Datastore on IBM DB2 with the Datastore Wizard: you need to create a database on the database server first and then connect to it from the Setup and Sync Tool and the Management Portal:

  1. Create a local user on the DB2 Server, for example: IID-LU. This account is used to connect to the Datastore.
  2. Manually create a database on the DB2 Server, for example: IID-DB.
  3. Create a table space for the user IID-LU in the IID-DB database. Specify a buffer pool of at least 8KB.
  4. Create a schema in the IID-DB database, for example: identitydirector.
  5. Add the user you created in step 1 to the database IID-DB.
  6. Assign the applicable authorities, and add the schema and table space you created in steps 3 and 4 to this user. Make sure to assign the correct privileges.

You can configure IBM DB2 database servers to listen on a different port than the default port 50000.

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