Versions tab of the service page

In the Management Portal at Service Catalog, use the Versions tab on the service page to view a graphical visualization of all previous versions. When you roll back to a previous version, the overview may include branches of service versions. If several version branches exist, all branches except the current one are collapsed by default. The Versions tab allows you to track the change history of the service. This is very beneficial in organizations with multiple administrators, who may administer the same service. In addition, you can roll back the service to a previous version. This makes it easier to revert service changes that led to unexpected or undesired results.

Before you roll back a service to a previous version, you can compare service configurations. This allows you to validate if the version you want to roll back to is the correct one. If necessary, you can then make any changes to the service configuration of the previous version, and save the changes to make the rollback effective. You can also choose to duplicate service versions, to create new services of a previous version.

The Versions tab is only available when you enable service versioning, at Setup > Service Versioning.


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