Start Delivery

Each service delivery workflow starts with a Start Delivery trigger. This specifies the events that set off the delivery workflow.



Explanation and Tips


Enable the trigger.

  • Clear this option to make the service (temporarily) unavailable. Users can still cancel the service directly from the Management Portal and from the delegated administration panel in the Web Portal.

When people qualify (auto provisioning)

Trigger the delivery of the service to all people who qualify. This is useful for services that need to be delivered as soon as someone qualifies. For example, if someone is promoted to manager, you may want certain services to which this person is now entitled to be delivered immediately.

Skip delivery for currently qualified people

Trigger the delivery of the service only for people who become qualified at a later stage, not who currently qualify. This is useful in services that provide people with something that has already been provided to people who currently qualify, for example a service that creates a user in Active Directory or delivers a laptop.

  • This option is only shown when you configure a new or a duplicated service.

Only for newly qualified people

Trigger the delivery of the service for people who newly qualify, for example as a result of changes to qualification settings.

  • This option is only shown when you edit an existing service.
  • Clear the option to deprovision the service for all subscribers. It is then delivered to all people who qualify, regardless of whether they qualified before or newly qualify. When the service has been delivered, the option is automatically selected again, to prevent reprovisioning of the service each time you make changes to the settings of the service and save them.

When qualified people request the service (self servicing)

Allow people to request the service manually. This is useful for services that do not need to be delivered as soon as someone qualifies, but are delivered on request. For example, if a new Marketing employee is hired, this person may need a laptop on the first working day, whereas access to desktop publishing software can probably wait until a request is made.

If you select this option, also select its service label in the Web Portal:

  • Specify the default label behavior at Setup > Behavior.
  • Select Add to cart to add the service to a shopping cart when people request the service.

When one of the following person attributes of a qualified person has changed

Trigger the delivery of the service when the value of one of the added person attribute changes:

  • When you manually change the value of one of the selected person attributes on the People page of a person, at People.
  • When you synchronize a data connection, at Data Model > Data Connections.
  • When a Set Person Attributes and Identifier workflow action in a service overwrites the value of one of the selected person attributes.
  • At Data Model > People Attributes, you can view which people attributes trigger a service delivery when you make changes to their value. This is useful information if you want to delete a specific people attribute.
  • When you create a Building Block, the person attribute is included.

When subscribers still qualify after organizational change (reprovisioning)

Trigger the return and delivery of the service if the qualification of a subscriber changes. This is useful when a service needs to be reprovisioned e.g. because the new department uses different Organizational Attributes.

Skip return workflow

Reprovision the service as described above, but without the return workflow. This is useful if it does not need to be executed, because the delivery workflow immediately reverses this anyway. For example, if the delivery workflow installs software and the return workflow uninstalls it, this may speed up the reprovisioning process.

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