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In the Management Portal at Transactions, view information about service transactions in your environment. A transaction is the entire process of the delivery or return of a service. It can have any of the following statuses:




The transaction was aborted before completion.


The transaction has completed.


The transaction expired (one or more actions exceeded their expiration time).


The transaction failed to complete.

On Hold

The transaction is put on hold and the system is in fail-safe mode.

If you enabled the transaction safeguard in your environment, and one or more thresholds are exceeded, the system goes into "fail-safe mode". This puts the entire set of transactions “on hold”, and suspends further transactions. The Management Portal shows a clear warning that urgent attention is required, and the Transactions page lists the “suspect” transactions for review. You can troubleshoot the fail-safe mode by identifying whatever triggered it, and decide to continue regular operations or to abort the “suspect” transactions.


The transaction is in progress.


The transaction did not start, because no licenses were available to service the subscriber.


Example 1

Consider the following scenario:

  1. Service A is configured to automatically request service B as part of its workflow.
  2. The user John Smith requests service A.
  3. Delivery of service A triggers the delivery of service B.

In this scenario, the request of service A is a user action, with John Smith logged as the requester. The request of service B is a system action, with System logged as the requester.

Example 2

Consider the following scenario:

  1. Service C is configured to be delivered as soon as someone qualifies.
  2. A data connection synchronization places the user Celia Jones in an organizational element that qualifies her for service C.
  3. Service C is delivered to her.

In this scenario, the request of service C is a system action, with System logged as the requester.

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