Integrate with Ivanti Workspace Control

In Ivanti Workspace Control, you can use Ivanti Identity Director services to allow self-servicing capabilities in the user workspace:

Ivanti Identity Director Integration

Before you can use service templates in Ivanti Workspace Control, you need to configure Ivanti Identity Director Integration in the Ivanti Workspace Control Console. You can configure this at Setup > Integration > Ivanti Products > Identity Director.


Explanation and Tips

Catalog host name / port

Specify the device on which the Catalog Services run and the port that it uses.

  • The Catalog Services are used by Ivanti Workspace Control to query the available services and templates in the service publication.
  • The default port is 8080. If necessary, configure a different port on the Catalog Services.

Publication name

Specify the service publication that you want to use in Ivanti Workspace Control, for example the default publication Ivanti Workspace Control.

Test now

Test the connection to the Catalog Services.

  • If connection is possible, an overview of all available services is shown, after which you can use them as access principle.

Managed Applications

In the Ivanti Workspace Control Console at Composition > Applications, you can configure Access Control for a managed application on the tab Access Control > Identity of the Edit application window.

If you choose to create a new service, the Ivanti Identity Director Service Wizard guides you through creating, customizing and publishing a new service that is then selected as Access Control rule for the managed application. Access to the application is restricted to subscribers to the new service.

In the Ivanti Identity Director Service Wizard, you can specify:


To use an Ivanti Identity Director service as an access principle in the Access Control settings of an object, edit the object in the Ivanti Workspace Control Console.

  1. On the Access Control tab, click Add in the Identity area and select Ivanti Identity Director Service.
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