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Using MMC to Manually Distribute the Certificate

Another method for distributing the code-signing certificate is to use MMC. This is an easy method for distributing the certificate to a handful of local machines but might prove impractical for distributing the certificate to many machines spread across your organization.

1.On the target machine, start Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

2.In the Certificates store, right-click Trusted Publishersand select All Tasks > Import.

3.On the Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard dialog, click Next.

4.On the File to Import dialog, browse for your public key file and then click Next.

5.On the Certificate Store dialog, choose Place all certificates in the following store and then click Next.

6.On the Completing the Certificate Import Wizard dialog, click Finish.

7.On the confirmation dialog click OK.

8.(Conditional) If you created your certificate using WSUS, repeat Steps 2 – 7, only this time select Trusted Root Certification Authorities in Step 2.


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