Patch for SCCM

Viewing and Managing Scheduled Publications

You can use the Microsoft Task Scheduler to view and manage your scheduled publications. To access Patch for SCCM scheduled tasks, select Start > Administrator Tools > Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library >Patch for SCCM.

One-time tasks can be run, deleted, disabled, or rescheduled using the Microsoft Task Scheduler.

After a one-time publishing task completes, the task will continue to be displayed in the Microsoft Task Scheduler for one to two days.

If you alter a recurring auto-publish schedule using the Patch for SCCM Settings dialog, the task will be automatically rescheduled.

If you clear the Schedule download and /or publication check box in the Settings dialog and click OK, the recurring task will be deleted from the Microsoft Task Scheduler. If the recurring task that you delete in the Settings dialog is scheduled to run on a different machine or by a different user, it will not publish any more updates, but it will not be deleted from the Microsoft Task Scheduler until its next scheduled run time.


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