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What is Event History?

Event History is accessed from the main menu by selecting View > Event history. Event History provides a way to view the background operational events that occur within Ivanti Patch for Windows. Entries are generated for a large number of events, including:

Database maintenance

Distribution server synchronization

Scheduler events

Core engines/definitions downloads

Core engines/definitions synchronization

Predictive Patch downloads

Operation result imports (patch scans, etc.)

ESXi Hypervisor patch deployments

Agent policy synchronization using Protect Cloud

Console maintenance (a daily background task that checks the status of the certificates used by Ivanti Patch for Windows) and determines if they are nearing their expiration date

When a background event occurs, the associated log entries are automatically recorded to Event History. Events that are scheduled will not generate any log entries until after the events have been initiated or finished.

A sample Event History is shown here. You can adjust the amount of information that is displayed by using the Limit results to previous (days) option. By default, all background operational events that have been generated within the last 30 days will be displayed. A maximum of 10,000 events can be displayed.


Event History will be empty if you view it immediately after installing the program; this is because there are no event log entries to display.

For additional information, see:

Searching for Event Entries

Using the Event History Smart Filter

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