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Activating Ivanti Patch for Windows

Until you activate Ivanti Patch for Windows you are very limited in the actions you are allowed to perform. You activate the program by entering one or more activation keys. To activate Ivanti Patch for Windows:

1.If you have an electronic copy of your license key(s) copy it to your computer's clipboard.

Your license key is typically sent to you in an email from Ivanti when you purchase the product.

2.From the Ivanti Patch for Windows menu select Help > Enter/refresh license key.

The Activation dialog is displayed.

3.(Optional) If you didn't copy the key into your computer's clipboard until after you launched this dialog, click Paste.

You can also manually type your activation key if you prefer.

4.(Optional) If your organization uses a proxy server, click Configure proxy and provide the credentials necessary for the activation process to reach the activation server.

If you are required to enter a user name and password each time you launch your browser and access the Internet, it typically means you are using a proxy server.

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