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Navigating the Scan View Grid

Patch scan results are presented in a Scan View grid that contains three separate panes. Each pane displays unique information and provides unique functionality. The panes are interrelated in that the information presented in a lower pane is dependent on what is selected in the pane directly above it. This "top down" approach means you use the top pane to view high-level information and the two lower panes to drill down to more detailed information.

While the two are extremely similar in look and feel, Scan View is different than Machine View. Scan View represents a point in time (the date and time the scan was performed) for the machines specified in the scan. Machine View, however, displays the most current information for all machines that have ever been scanned.

The top pane displays all machines that were either successfully or unsuccessfully scanned. See the following topics for information on using the top pane:

Searching for Machines

Filtering Info in the Top Pane

Performing Actions on Machines

The middle pane displays patch information about the machine(s) selected in the top pane. See the following topics for information on using the middle pane:

Viewing Scan Result Patch Summaries

Performing Actions on Patches

The bottom pane displays detailed information about the patch selected in the middle pane. See the following topics for information on using the bottom pane:

Viewing Patch Details

Viewing Machines Affected by a Selected Patch

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