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Logging Options

The Logging Options dialog allows you to specify how much data you want the program to record in the program logs.


Logging levels

Specify how much data you want the program to record in the program logs. You can specify different recording levels for user interface activity and for background services activity. For each category the options are:

All: Records all events in the log, including Start, Stop, Suspend, Transfer, and Resume events.

Basic: Records Critical, Error, Warning, and Information events in the log. This is the default value.

Diagnostic patch scanning

If enabled, captures a large amount of diagnostic data in order to troubleshoot patch scanning issues.

IMPORTANT! Do not enable this check box unless directed by Technical Support.

Log file locations


The logs are located in the following directory on the console: C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs

Several of the log files will include the administrator's name as part of the file name. This is especially useful when two or more administrators have access to the program.

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