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Using an Agent on a Machine

The users of each agent machine can, if you permit, control many of the Ivanti Patch for Windows Agent features on their machine. They do this using the Ivanti Patch for Windows Agent client program. To access this program they either:

Select Start > Ivanti Patch for Windows > Ivanti Patch for Windows Agent

Double-click the Ivanti Patch for Windows Agent service icon that may reside in their machine's system tray

If users want information on how to use the client program they can simply click Help > Contents from the main menu.

If multiple users are logged on to a machine, only one of the users will have access to the client program. The first user to launch the program will succeed, for all other users the program will fail.

Administrator Tools within the Client Program

The Ivanti Patch for Windows Agent client program contains a few tools that are intended for use by you, the system administrator.

The lower left corner of the status bar displays the name of the console that configured the agent. It also displays the name of the agent policy that is being used. This can be extremely useful, especially if you maintain multiple consoles and/or multiple agent policies.

The client program Patch function contains a Clear Retry Counts button within the Patch Administration list. This button clears all patch counters. A unique patch counter exists for every patch the program tries to download and for every patch the program tries to install. A patch counter is incremented whenever a patch download or a patch installation fails. If a patch fails to download after 11 attempts or fails to install after 3 attempts the client program will stop trying to deploy that particular patch. The only way to resume deployment attempts for that patch is to click Clear Retry Counts. Users may notice the deployment error messages in the Patch Log but they are unlikely to know to click this button unless directed to do so by an administrator.


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