Importing Certificates for the Smart Device Server

After obtaining a SSL certificate, import it into Avalanche using the Console so that the Smart device server can use it.

The certificate must be in PKCS #12 format. If the certificate is in a different format, see Converting a Certificate.

To complete the setup:

1  From the Avalanche Console, navigate to Tools > System Settings.

2  In the HTTPS Configuration section, click Add.

3  Locate the certificate.p12 file and click Open.

4  Enter the pass phrase associated with the certificate. When the pass phrase is entered correctly, the Common Name is displayed in the SDS Public Address text box.

5  If the certificate is a wildcard certificate (uses a * in the Common Name), type the server address in the SDS Public Address text box.

6  Click Save at the top right of the page.

7  Perform a deployment from My Enterprise.

After you have set up the APNS certificate, GCM key, and the SSL certificate, communication between Smart devices and the Smart device server is enabled and you can enroll devices. You should import your licenses before attempting to connect devices.


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