Preparing to Install Avalanche

Avalanche is designed to operate on a wide variety of network configurations. The type of devices you want to manage, your network setup, and the database management system you choose to use determine which version of Avalanche you should install.

Avalanche contains all the necessary components to manage both mobile and Smart devices. It can be deployed in either a centralized or distributed model. The Avalanche installation process allows you to install components on different servers or all on the same computer for easier management of devices.

Use the following statements to help you decide which version of Avalanche to use:

If you plan to manage mobile and/or Smart devices at only one location, install Avalanche and its device servers on the same computer.

If you plan to manage mobile devices in multiple locations, install the device servers on separate computers from the Avalanche enterprise server.

If you plan to manage mobile devices in either a single location or spread over multiple locations, you have the option of using Avalanche SaaS. Avalanche SaaS is a software service hosted by Wavelink. With Avalanche SaaS, the servers are installed and maintained by Wavelink. For more information about Avalanche SaaS, see the Wavelink Web site or contact Wavelink Sales.

See the following sections for information on installing Avalanche:

Avalanche 6.0 System Requirements

Installing Avalanche

Avalanche Upgrade Process

Enabling Secure Communication

Uninstalling Avalanche


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