Configuring Infrastructure Server Settings

You can set the status of an Infrastructure Server profile to enabled or disabled. The profile can only be applied when it is enabled. If the profile is disabled after it has been applied, Avalanche will replace the settings with a default profile. To enable the profile, select it from the Profile List, click Edit, enable the Enabled option, and save your changes.

The Authorized Users button allows you to assign privileges for a profile to a user that does not have rights for that profile. This allows you to give a user permission for one specific profile, rather than all profiles of a specific type. Users that already have permission for the profile will not appear in the list of available users. For information about creating users and assigning permissions, see Managing User Accounts.

Once you have created an infrastructure server profile, configure the following options from the Infrastructure Server Profile tab:

Configuring Data Collection
Configuring Infrastructure Server Properties
Defining Device Access Privileges
Configuring Infrastructure Server Blackouts


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