About This Guide

This guide provides assistance to anyone managing an enterprise-wide wireless network with Avalanche.

This help makes the following assumptions:

You have a general understanding of the basic operational characteristics of your network operating systems.
You have a general understanding of basic hardware configuration, such as how to install a network adapter.
You have a working knowledge of your wireless networking hardware, such as infrastructure devices and mobile devices.
You have administrative access to your network.

This help uses the following typographical conventions:

Courier New

Any time you are instructed to type information, that information appears in the Courier New text style. This text style is also used for file names, file paths, or keyboard commands.


The default location is C:\Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche.



Any time this guide refers to an option, such as descriptions of different options in a dialog box, that option appears in the Bold text style. This is also used for tab names and menu items.


Click File > Open.


Any time this guide refers to the titles of dialog boxes, the text appears in the Italics text style.


The Infrastructure Profiles dialog box appears.


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