Configuring Scan to Config Settings

When you create a Scan to Config profile, you can configure the maximum barcode length and network settings such as the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway. You also have the option of using the network settings contained in a network profile.

You can also configure a passcode for the profile. The passcode is used to encrypt the barcode data. The mobile device user must enter the same passcode when they are using scan to configure so that the Enabler can decrypt the barcode data when it is scanned. If the user does not input the correct passcode at the device, then the barcode data is not decrypted and the scan registers as invalid.

When a mobile device scans the barcodes created from a Scan to Config profile, the mobile device receives the network settings configured within that barcode.

To configure the settings:

1   From the Profiles tab, select the Scan to Config profile you want to configure.

Click Edit.

2   To encrypt the barcodes, type a passcode in the Encryption Passcode text box and confirm it in the Confirm Passcode text box.
3   Set the Maximum Barcode Length. This defines how many characters are encoded in each barcode.
4   If you have already configured a network profile and want to use the settings from that profile, enable Use settings from network profile. Choose which start time to use by enabling either Use currently active Epoch or Use selected Epoch and selecting the start time from the drop-down list.
5   If you want to set a static IP address for the device, enable Assign static IP address and type the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway in the appropriate boxes.
6   Click Save to save your changes.

The profile is updated with the configured network settings.


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