Configuring E-mail Settings

If you plan to use an SMTP server to forward alerts to an e-mail address, you must configure the name or IP address of the server, a username and password, and a reply-to e-mail address.

To configure e-mail settings:

1   Click Tools > Settings.

The System Settings page appears.

2   Click the Email Settings button.

The Email Settings dialog box appears.

3   Type the location of the e-mail server you want Avalanche to use in the E‑Mail server text box.
4   Type the Username and Password in the text boxes.
5   Type the address a reply should be sent to if an alert e-mail is replied to in the Reply-to email address text box.
6   Type the address the e-mails will appear from in the From email address text box.
7   Select the port Avalanche should use when contacting the e-mail server.
8   Click Save to save your changes.


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