Using Device Filters

The left area of an inventory panel displays filters for the information displayed in the panel. When you enable the Use Custom Filter option and select a filter from the drop-down list, only the devices matching the filter's criteria show in the panel.

To create a device filter:

1   In the panel, click Edit Filters.

The Modify Filters dialog box appears.

2   Click New Filter.
3   Enter a name for the filter in the Filter Name text box.
4   Click the Launch wizard button.

The Selection Criteria Builder dialog box appears, allowing you to create a filter based on a variety of device characteristics. For more information on using selection criteria, see Using Selection Criteria.

5   When you have chosen the desired selection criteria, click OK.

The selection criteria appears in the Filter Expression text box.

6   Click Add New Filter.

The filter moves to the Existing Filters list and is available to use.

7   Click Save Changes.

You can now select the filter from the Custom Filter drop-down list located to the left of the panel.

To apply a device filter:

In the panel, enable the Use Custom Filter option and select the filter from the Custom Filter drop-down list.

The Inventory list will refresh to display the devices according to the filter settings.


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