Completing an External Database Installation

Once you have created the database, created the login and assigned the login to the database, you can complete the Avalanche installation.

To install Avalanche:

1   Obtain the external database installation file.
2   Close other applications running on the computer.
3   Double-click the file to start the installation process.

The InstallShield Wizard appears.

4   Click Next to continue the installation process.

The License Agreement screen appears.

5   If you agree with the terms in the License Agreement, click Yes.

The AMC Installation Options screen appears.

6   Select the type of installation desired.
Custom. Allows you to choose which components to install. If you choose Custom and click Next, you will be prompted to select the desired components. For more information on the components of Avalanche, see Components of Avalanche.
Enterprise. Installs full support for distributed mobile and infrastructure servers.
7   Click Next.

The Avalanche MC Setup screen appears.

8   Type the name of your company or organization in the text box and click Next.

The AMC Database Options screen appears.

9   Select the desired database platform and click Next.
If you are using PostgreSQL, the Choose Destination Location screen appears. Provide the path to the directory where the psql.exe and pg_dump.exe files are located. (These files are included in the pgAdmin III installation.)

The Database Location Information screen appears.

10   Depending on the database platform you are using, different information is required on this page. Enter the required database information in the appropriate text boxes and click Next.
If you are using a PostgreSQL or SQL Server database, enter the Hostname and Port for the enterprise database.
If you are using an Oracle database, enter the Hostname, Port, and SID for the enterprise database.

The Database Login Information screen appears.

11   Enter the username and password for the enterprise database and click Next.
If you are using an Oracle database, the installer will verify your credentials and then the Stats Server Credentials screen appears. Enter the username and password for the stats server database and click Next.

The Install Destination Folder screen appears.

12   Click Next to accept the default installation folder, or click Change to navigate to a folder of your choice. After you select an installation folder, click Next to continue the installation process.

The Setup program configures several internal components to run on your system and installs Avalanche.

13   Click Finish.

Once the installation is complete, you are prompted to activate Avalanche for your network.


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