Creating Device-Side Properties

Avalanche provides the ability to turn third-party information that is generated at the mobile device into properties that can then be transferred to and displayed in the Avalanche Console. These properties are called device-side properties. You can use the device-side properties feature to obtain either static or dynamic information. For example, a device-side property could report a device’s serial number or state changes within a specific application.

Note:   The Avalanche Enabler sends device-side properties to the Enterprise Server; it does not collect the information. Users must create their own applications and utilities to gather the required information and write it to a plain-text file on the device.

Device-side properties must be written in key-value pairs to a plain-text file with a .prf extension and one vendor entry. Avalanche uses the vendor name to organize and display user-defined properties in the Properties panel on the Mobile Device Details page.

For more information about creating device-side properties, see the Creating Device-Side Avalanche Properties white paper on the Wavelink Web site.


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