Profiles Tab

From the Profiles tab you can manage your profiles. A profile allows you to apply the same set of configurations to multiple servers or devices. There are six types of profiles in Avalanche SE:

Alert profile. An alert profile allows you to configure what events generate an alert and who is notified when an alert is generated. For information on alert profiles, see Managing Alert Profiles.
Mobile Device Server profile. A Mobile Device Server profile allows you to configure administrative, security, and connection settings for your Mobile Device Server. For information on Mobile Device Server profiles, see Managing a Mobile Device Server.
Mobile device profile. A mobile device profile allows you to change settings on your mobile devices, as well as add, change, and remove custom properties and registry keys. For information on mobile device profiles, see Managing Mobile Device Profiles.
Network profile. A network profile allows you to configure network information (such as IP addresses, encryption, and authentication) for infrastructure and mobile devices. For information on network profiles, see Managing Network Profiles.
Scan to Config profile. A Scan to Config profile allows you to print network or device configuration information in a barcode. When the barcode is scanned with a device running an Enabler, the Enabler applies the settings on the device. For information on Scan to Config profiles, see Managing Scan to Configure Profiles.
Software profile. A software profile allows you to organize and configure software packages for deployment to multiple devices. For information on software profiles, see Managing Software Profiles.

On the Profiles tab, the Profile List displays all existing profiles, along with their type, name, status, details, and any associated selection criteria. The columns in this list can be sorted in alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order by clicking the column header.

You also have the option of filtering the profiles displayed. When you activate a filter, only the profiles matching the filter will be displayed in the Profile List. You can apply filters on multiple columns at the same time.

To filter the Profile List:

1   In the Profile List, right-click the header for the column you want to filter by.
2   Click Set Filter in the context menu.

The Set Column Filter dialog box appears.

3   If you are sorting by Profile Type, Default?, or Status, you see a list of available categories. Enable the checkboxes next to the categories you want to include in the filter and click OK.


If you are sorting by Name or Selection Criteria, you are prompted to type a term you want to sort by. The filter includes all profiles with the term in the field you are sorting by. Click OK.

The filter is applied to the Profile List. To remove a filter after it has been applied, right-click the column header and select Clear Filter.


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