Managing Group Locations

Group locations are groups of mobile devices that connect to the same server. Group locations allow increased flexibility for assigning different profiles at the same server location. A group location must be created in a server location where there is a mobile device server. Avalanche uses selection criteria to determine which devices belong to each group location.

Note:   An exception is a group location that has sub-locations. It does not use selection criteria. Instead, these "parent" groups display all of the devices that are included in the sub-locations.

A device can belong to more than one group location concurrently. If a device is included in more than one group location, it will use the profiles from the highest priority location. Locations are assigned priority as they are created, so the first location you create has the highest priority.

When you right-click a group location, you have the option to copy or delete it.

To create a group location:

1   Right-click the location where you want to place the group location and select Create Group Location.

The New Group Location dialog box appears.

2   Type a name for the group location.
3   If you do not want inherited profiles and device groups to be visible, enable the Hide inherited profiles and device groups option.
4   Use the Selection Criteria Builder to configure unique selection criteria for the group location.
5   When you are finished, click OK.

A group location appears under the server location. The mobile devices meeting the specified selection criteria will be assigned to the group location. View the mobile devices in the group by selecting the group and then viewing the device inventory.


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