Installing Avalanche MC with External Databases

Avalanche MC uses two databases to store and manage information for your network. The standard Avalanche installation comes with a PostgreSQL database setup included. If you want your databases managed on a computer other than the system running your Enterprise Server, or if you choose to use a different database management system (DBMS), you should use the External Database installation.

While Wavelink recommends that you use the built-in Avalanche database platform (PostgreSQL) when possible, Avalanche MC also works with an external PostgreSQL, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, or Oracle 11g.

A basic assumption with the alternate database management system is that the customer takes responsibility for some of the database administration tasks that are otherwise handled in an automated manner with the built-in Avalanche databases.

Note:   When an alternate DBMS is used, you are responsible for properly licensing the DBMS.

Depending on the DBMS you are using, there are some tasks that must be accomplished before you install Avalanche with external databases. This section provides the following information:

Before You Begin (PostgreSQL)
Before You Begin (SQL Server)
Before You Begin (Oracle)
Completing an External Database Installation


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