Managing Network Profiles

A network profile is used to configure devices for your network. The profile contains information such as gateway addresses, subnet masks, WWAN settings, and encryption and authentication information. You can also use a network profile to assign IP addresses to your devices. Once the wireless devices are configured with the values from the network profile, you can manage the devices through the Avalanche Console.

You can schedule a specific time for a network profile change to take effect. By default, network settings take effect when the profile is enabled. However, you can configure the date and time for the settings to take effect.

The Authorized Users panel allows you to assign privileges for a profile to a user that does not have rights for that profile. This allows you to give a user permission for one specific profile, rather than all profiles of a specific type. Users that already have permission for the profile will not appear in the list of available users. For information about creating users and assigning permissions, see Managing User Accounts.

This section contains the following topics:

Creating Network Profiles
Configuring Scheduled Settings


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