Creating Custom Reports

The Reports tool allows you to create custom reports using information from your databases. In order to utilize custom reports, you must be familiar with SQL query statements. This section gives basic instructions on creating a custom report. For details about custom reporting, including the database tables and sample query statements, see the Avalanche Custom Reporting Reference Guide on the Wavelink Web site.

Note:   A custom report can include information from either one database or the other. You cannot create a custom report using tables from both the stats database and the enterprise database.

To create a custom report:

1   Access the Reports tool.
2   From the Configured Reports panel, click New.
3   The Create a New Report panel appears. Click Create a Custom Report.
4   The Create Reports panel appears. Select the database from which you would like to report and click Next.
5   Select the database table on which you would like to report, and then enable the checkboxes for the columns which you want to include. Click Next.
6   A Summary page appears. If you want to include information from a different table, click Add Table.
7   Use the Where, Order By, and Group By text boxes to create a SQL query statement that will return the desired information.
8   Type a Report Name in the text box and select the Output Format for the report. If you want the report to be e-mailed to a recipient when it is run, type the e-mail address in the E-mail Report text box. Click Next.
9   A summary of the report appears. Click Done to return to the Reports Tool page.

From the Reports page, you can run or schedule the report and view the report results.


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